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The concept of Jesser Al Wadi was created by British guitarist Jason Carter, stemming from a concert in Bahrain with the old Bahraini Pearl Divers. Shi’a and Sunni Muslims came together for a concert, which the Minister of Culture in Bahrain desribed as ‘a miracle’.

Many of the projects that Jason has been involved with have been supported by the British Council, the British Government and UNESCO, but recently, Jason decided to form ‘Jesser Al Wadi’, in order to create a platform for himself and others to do more in the areas of intercultural dialogue through music.

The ability to listen, learn and contribute are the three factors required in any form of dialogue. With music this happens naturally. Through contact with Governments and Institutions worldwide, Jesser Al Wadi will build a foundation for the future based upon dialogue through music and trust. In North Korea, Jason performed to 15,000 North Koreans over the space of 5 days. Presidents and World leaders are not allowed to address public gatherings in North Korea, but as a musician this is possible.

The Finnish Government invited Jason to perform during Parliamentary debates, which created a powerful space for reflection. Jason would like to take this concept of music in political situations, to other places around the world, especially the Middle East.